Who would have guessed that after the torrential down pours which ended the seemingly never-ending drought of years past we would be begging the water to go away? Unfortunately there are downsides of water, which all revolve around having too much of it! Even if these recent storms have been 100 yr and plus, we strive to resolve all watershed issues keeping the potential risks of too much water in mind. The abundance of water, with the right guidance and planning, can result in lush and beautiful yards.

We approach each project with a goal to keep these potentially dangerous rains in mind. Our Texas terrain is very unforgiving in terms of topography and soil types, especially around the Hill Country. We are big believers of soil preparation and the success of a yard begins at the grading stage of the project. At that stage, we will determine where low/high spots are present, where to divert the waterflow, and if there are natural springs (which there are MANY!). It’s very important to keep in mind where water stays longer in order to adjust irrigation accordingly as well. Stagnant water will kill mostly everything so it is crucial to prevent it as best as possible. Where water flow isn’t feasible through grading and dirt work, we utilize french drains.

River rock is also very important in directing water and there are different options of color to contrast and harmonize with the rest of the landscape. We create dry creeks beds to aid the water flow and to prevent erosion in heavy downpours.  It also helps break up big mulch planting beds with a pop of freshness and creates nice pockets of visual interest.

Hope these tidbits help in coping with unusual rains and results in a lush, puddle-free landscape!