What a beautiful spring it’s shaping up to be. It looks like we will not have a freeze hard enough to freeze back our deciduous plants. With that said we will have lots of great new growth and earlier than expected bloom’s. I would recommend getting slow release fertilizers to your plants. If you haven’t trimmed back your landscape now is the time. Spring is here!!!

Let’s discuss Compost Top dress and the benefits it can have on your lawn. This is something I highly recommend applying in the next few weeks. Topdressing your lawn can get your sod in an active state of growth.  A great manure-based compost will help retain water, keep your grass greener longer and provide a sun screen protection for the roots. It is fairly simple to top dress a lawn, apply a half-inch of compost evenly across your entire lawn. Be sure to water the compost in for the next few days. If it doesn’t get water the compost will burn the grass. Be sure to pick an active compost, one good indicator is if it still emits heat. This heat is created during the compost’s chemical reaction. One thing to avoid when picking your compost is anything with mulch in it. Mulch adds very little nutrients and simply lays on top of the grass.

Your lawn has no need for chemical fertilizers if it has been properly top dressed. An added benefit to this is that compost is organic, meaning your lawn is now that much safer for your kids and pets. The results of topdressing compost are a beautiful lawn through-out the growing season.

Also, don’t forget to come by our new outdoor show room. We will be adding a beautiful cacti and succulent area to our landscape with specimens from all over North and Central America. It will be a must see!

-Brian Riebel

Owner of Acacia Landscape and Design

Brian Riebel first found a passion in landscaping through his lawn maintenance business, Brian’s Lawn and Landscaping Services. Cultivating this passion, he transformed his business into Acacia Landscape and Design, a company where he could put his designs onto paper and make them a beautiful reality. Acacia has since stood for well over a decade, serving its customers’ needs and desires. Brian still remains an integral part of the design process, relying not only on his experience and knowledge, but on his vision for his company.