Now that Spring has sprung, planting design is a challenge in the roller-coaster climate of South Texas. There is a wide array of native Texas plants, bushes, and trees that provide dynamic textures and color when arranged thoughtfully. Our philosophy at Acacia is to create a balance of perennial and evergreen plants in order to provide various focal points of color and texture throughout a landscape at any given season. At the same time, most flowering plants that thrive in our climate are perennials and don’t sustain their full character and color for the whole year. With that in mind we boost out creativity and incorporate non-native evergreen plants in the layouts to achieve our goal of balance.


One of our favorite plants that loves Texas weather is Bicolor Iris (Dietes bicolor). It is a hardy, evergreen plant that flourishes in shade and sun. It’s leaf structure and shape also inject movement and texture into the landscape to create interesting and beautiful planting areas. We approach planting with a “spikes and mounds” concept and the Iris is the backdrop that holds the composition together when perennials have pulled back. Depending on the year, it will also explode with two-toned cream and brown blooms (hence the name Bicolor) and gives us something more to gaze upon. When you look at our projects you will see we are proud of this plant and use it as an anchor in our designs. It allows us to display our native bushes in full bloom while keeping our eyes fulfilled during their off-season. Maintaining it is easy as well, just pull away at the sides when you feel it has gotten too big, which they will in this weather.


Keep this great plant in mind when you are looking to spice your yard up a little. It helps to put your ideas down on paper, don’t be afraid to let your inner landscape designer loose! Remember, “spikes and mounds” and balance of color and evergreen. Have a great Spring!

Jorge Gamez