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Dealing with Downpours

Who would have guessed that after the torrential down pours which ended the seemingly never-ending drought of years past we would be begging the water to go away? Unfortunately there are downsides of water, which all revolve around having too much of it! Even if these recent storms have been 100 yr and plus, we strive to resolve all watershed issues keeping the potential risks of too much water in mind. The abundance of water, with the right guidance and planning, can result in lush and beautiful yards. We approach each project with a goal to keep these potentially dangerous Read more
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May Plant Spotlight

Now that Spring has sprung, planting design is a challenge in the roller-coaster climate of South Texas. There is a wide array of native Texas plants, bushes, and trees that provide dynamic textures and color when arranged thoughtfully. Our philosophy at Acacia is to create a balance of perennial and evergreen plants in order to provide various focal points of color and texture throughout a landscape at any given season. At the same time, most flowering plants that thrive in our climate are perennials and don’t sustain their full character and color for the whole year. With that in mind Read more
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Let’s Talk Water!

While we love using and planting drought tolerant plants, even the most arid plants need supplemental water to really thrive and flower to their full potential. We really enjoy and take pride in installing the best irrigation products where they can be used to their full potential. This means using drip irrigation in the beds, with filters and pressure regulators to keep the system happy and functional. Implementing the use of MP rotor tips on all our spray heads in lawn areas gets us the best coverage and reduces evaporation, saving water. We also have the ability to install what is called a Read more
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Spring is Here

What a beautiful spring it’s shaping up to be. It looks like we will not have a freeze hard enough to freeze back our deciduous plants. With that said we will have lots of great new growth and earlier than expected bloom’s. I would recommend getting slow release fertilizers to your plants. If you haven’t trimmed back your landscape now is the time. Spring is here!!! Let’s discuss Compost Top dress and the benefits it can have on your lawn. This is something I highly recommend applying in the next few weeks. Topdressing your lawn can get your sod in Read more